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Serial building in the middle price range. Most suitable for high production premises, class A and B warehouse buildings. It is possible to equip the building with overhead crane beams with a lifting capacity of up to 10 tons.

Main technical characteristics of the building series:

  • Width: 12-48 meters
  • Useful height: 3.6-8.4 meters
  • Length: unlimited

Main structural frame: Main structural frames: welded I-beams and girders. Manufactured from 09G2S steel. All welded structures are shot blasted and primed in 2 layers of 80 microns thick. The use of high-strength steel can significantly reduce the metal consumption of structures and, accordingly, reduce the cost of installing foundations and assembling a building. The columns of the main supporting metal frame are fastened to the foundations with anchor bolts.

The following primer colors are available: gray and dark red; additionally, on request, structures can be protected against corrosion with a special zinc-containing paint.

Galvanized bolts are used to fasten metal structures together



Buildings are manufactured in warm and cold versions.


In a warm version, the wall system is made of prefabricated sandwich panels, which are of the highest quality among sandwich panels in the Siberian region, have low weight, excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation, high moisture resistance, seismic resistance, excellent impact strength and increased resistance to ultraviolet radiation. All sandwich panels have a hygienic and fire certificate.

It is also possible to perform in the form of sheet assembly. For wall insulation, a mineral wool insulation type ("Isover") with a foil film is used. The outer and inner wall cladding is made of profiled sheet MP-20. The profiled sheet is made of galvanized or painted sheet steel.


The roofing system of prefabricated sandwich panels with rigid mineral wool insulation, quick and easy to install, is an environmentally friendly roofing system. To fasten the profiled sheet to the roof girders and to each other, stainless steel self-tapping screws with a special thermopolymer gasket are used. At the joints of the panels (in the longitudinal and transverse directions), a sealing tape mastic is installed. This roofing system provides low costs for the subsequent operation of the building, due to its high energy efficiency and durability of preserving the properties of materials.

In the cold version, galvanized steel profiled sheet with and without a colored polymer coating is used for the outer cladding of walls and roofs: for the NS-35 roof, for the MP-20 walls.