The small mobile gantry crane is simple to design and indispensable in small warehouses, repair shops, assembly shops and other production facilities where you need to save every millimeter of space.
In many cases, the use of mini gantry cranes (manual or light gantry cranes) is the most reasonable and economical solution. They are used for loading industrial and agricultural goods, repair and installation work in small workshops, workshops, small covered warehouses and in the open air. They are especially useful for construction work in the field and for the repair of construction and agricultural equipment in the immediate vicinity of the working area.
Lightweight gantry cranes are equipped with electric or manual hoists and other lifting mechanisms.


Light gantry cranes can be equipped with:


  • Hand hoists;
  • Electric hoists;
  • Hand winches;
  • Electric motors with gear



The gantry manual crane consists of two vertical supports with braces, between which a horizontal beam is fixed. The main supporting elements can have different configurations. For racks, mainly tubular or box-shaped structures are used, often of a telescopic type. An I-beam or a pipe of round or rectangular cross-section is installed as a load-bearing bridge.


The choice of the profile of the supporting structures depends on the lifting capacity of the mobile crane and the scope of its use. It is also related to the type of lifting device used.

Manual mobile cranes are very easily assembled by a team of 2-3 people within 30-45 minutes, practically without the use of special complex tools. They consist of 8 - 10 separate parts, which are easily joined and secured with clamps, bolts or special locks.



Gantry cranes with manual hoists are used to lift loads up to 200-300 kg, but when using a mechanical chain hoist with a manual drive or a winch -. They are used in car services, warehouses of limited space, hard-to-reach places where heavy lifting equipment cannot reach.
A light portal crane is a mobile structure, in most cases it is equipped with a chain or rope-type hoist with a lifting capacity of up to 5 tons and a lifting height of up to 5 meters. The span of the supporting beam can be up to 7 meters. Some powerful mobile crane models have the function of moving the lifting carriage along the supporting beam. Moving by electric motors or manually