The company "Gutman Ukraine" is a leading manufacturer and supplier of girder cranes, jib cranes and bridge cranes of various designs, as well as gantry cranes of various modifications.

Trading House "Gutman Ukraine" is also one of the leading suppliers in Ukraine of Bulgarian electric hoists (telphers), factories of manufacturers MV "Yantra" AD and "Skladova Tekhnika".

During the period of its work, the Trade House "Gutman Ukraine" has managed to take its rightful place in the Ukrainian market of lifting equipment. The high reliability of the equipment we supply and the quality of related services have been appreciated by more than a thousand companies representing all branches of industry in Ukraine. Among which Concern "Stirol", "Rivneazot", "Cherkassky Azot" and others, as well as agricultural holdings, for example "Nibulon", "Mriya", and a large number of construction industry enterprises.



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If necessary, our highly qualified specialists are always ready to go to the site to provide any advice on the purchase, installation, and repair of equipment for cranes. After studying the situation on the spot, our experienced engineer will only give you detailed advice on how to choose the right and then buy lifting equipment.