Development of automation systems (ACS), variable electric drive systems, software for process control systems, software for visualization of technological processes, software for production control, design documentation in EPLAN Electric P8, AUTOCAD, COMOS.

We are engaged in performing the following types of work:
  • turnkey projects;
  • independent collection and analysis of initial data with a visit to the Client;
  • providing the Client with comprehensive assistance in formalizing the requirements for the automated process control system (automated control system) in particular, as well as for the production complex as a whole;
  • drawing up a detailed design assignment;
  • preparation of technical specifications, which will be agreed directly with the Client;
  • use of the latest highly efficient design tools AutoCAD, EPLAN Pro Panel, COMOS, EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN PPE for the development of design documentation;
  • provision of qualified assistance in the commissioning of a production facility;
    with the help of a set of classical and special programs for organizing technological process control through an automated system (PCS7), our specialists carry out software development (APCS software);
  • maintenance under warranty, as well as post-warranty maintenance of the control system (ACS TP);
  • assistance in training the Customer's working personnel (training can be carried out at the Customer's site or at the training center of our company).
APCS projects and their development, taking into account varying degrees of complexity and purpose:
  • development of turnkey projects, which is divided into several parts:
  • Х Instrumentation and controls - selection of equipment, cable routing, placement of automation and external connection diagrams;
    Х ACS TP - specialists are engaged in the development of control cabinets;
    Х electrical part - selection and placement of electrical devices, control of mechanisms, installation of lighting and signaling;
    Х part of non-standard equipment - selection of electrical equipment, taking into account the requirements of designers and technologists, as well as cable tracing, etc .;
    Х assignments for adjacent parts - development of construction assignments, as well as assignments for mutual signals, ventilation and heating, which contribute to the correct understanding of the boundaries of ensuring the necessary working and design conditions.
  • development of projects of instrumentation and automation;
  • development of ACS projects;
  • development of projects intended for engine control systems;
  • SCS - structured cable networks;
  • development of systems for access control, as well as video surveillance systems;
    power distribution and lighting;
  • development of projects for alternative energy;
  • automation of tasks;
  • ASKUE (electricity metering);
  • development of technical specifications and assembly drawings of cabinets in which control systems for various purposes are located;
  • adaptation of project documentation to the requirements of the Client;
  • installation and commissioning.
Design and engineering documentation and its development

We develop the necessary documentation for the following systems:


  1. energy systems of enterprises;
  2. complete control cabinets of various complexity levels:
  • cabinets designed to control electric drives;
  • electrical control cabinets;
  • electronic cabinets for control systems;
  • electrical installation thermostabilized cabinets IP54;
  • control cabinets without chokes, equipped with a filter and a fan (IP54 version);
  • pneumatic and electropneumatic cabinets for device control systems;
  • control panels equipped with built-in electronic electronic equipment.


Tools used for design

Since the development of automation projects is carried out by our qualified employees using the latest design technologies, our engineering department develops high-quality technical documentation with high quality and in the shortest possible time.


  • EPLAN PPE, EPLAN Electric P8 - computer-aided design systems for the development of electrical circuits;
  • AutoCAD is a design package known all over the world;
  • COMOS is an integrated development system.
    The EPAN Electric P8 is a completely unique concept for combined engineering and data transmission.