The Ukrainian company "Gutman" offers you professional design of crane runways and overhead crane racks. We effectively combine modern technologies and solutions with the individual requirements of each client.

Design of crane racks from Gutman:

Crane overpasses

  • free-standing overpasses (columns are installed on their own foundation);
  • built-in crane runways (supporting flanges are installed, which are supported by columns);
    overpasses with fastening to roof trusses.

How we are working

The company's work on the design of crane runways and crane racks takes place in several stages.

  1. Determination of the scope of work. To do this, the company's specialists conduct a consultation with the customer by phone or go to the site, so they collect and process the necessary information to perform further work.
  2. Obtaining technical specifications from the customer.
  3. Project preparation. Engineers are working on a sketch of the future location of the crane runways, after which they agree on this project with the customer.
  4. Calculation of the cost of all work. After design, a list of future works and their estimated cost is compiled. These are such works as installation and testing of crane runways.


Also, our company develops projects for overhead and gantry cranes. The design documentation of the gantry crane track includes a special list of documents.

Gantry Crane Track Documentation:

  • project of the production of works (PPR) for the device of the rail track;
  • rail track project;
  • copy from the construction plan;
  • requirements for the operation of rail tracks.

Design of crane runways is a very laborious and responsible process. The quality of the project depends, first of all, on the safety of people, the resistance of the crane mechanism to wear and the uninterrupted operation of the equipment.

All design work is carried out strictly, in accordance with regulatory requirements and GOST.

The Gutman company guarantees you high quality service. The high quality lifting equipment designed by us will fully satisfy the requirements of your production.

The engineers of the "Gutman Ukraine" company study in detail the wishes of their clients, the future location of the equipment and the peculiarities of the client's business. Thus, our clients receive a high-quality and professional project of crane and crane tracks and a project of crane trestles that meet all the regulatory requirements and wishes of the client.