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Support for crane trestles

  • Crane support track
  • Crane rail


Installation of a crane trestle is possible both indoors and outdoors. The metal consumption of the structure depends directly on the number and capacity of the cranes installed on it. The length of the crane trestle is usually determined by the length of the workshop in which it is installed.



According to the type of construction, there are only two types of crane trestle: for overhead bridge cranes and for overhead bridge cranes. The placement of the crane trestle can be either free-standing or tied to the structure of the room.


The crane trestle is an open-type structure without fences. A support crane on a solid, well-designed and reliably installed overpass is a unit that increases the productivity of workshops, the speed of loading and unloading operations at piers and railway stations, easy transfer and delivery of large units in warehouses.


Manufacturing of steel structures for columns

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