The crane remote control  panel is intended for remote control of the load-lifting mechanism. Radio control is the most comfortable modern way of control of crane equipment which is carried out from a floor, instead of from an operator's cabin. The crane panel allows the operator to get rid of inconvenient cables restricting freedom of movement. Thanks to this, the operator will always be able to be at the point that will provide the best view when working with the crane.


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Crane control panel: advantages of use

By purchasing a remote control for a crane girder, you get the following advantages when working with a crane:


  • high level of security at the enterprise;
  • minimizing the likelihood of emergencies associated with damage to equipment or injury to employees;
  • safety of cargo when moving.

Crane radio remote controls are usually mounted parallel to the pendant. In this case, the cable console plays the role of a backup way to control the crane.

The control panel of the overhead crane allows you to transfer the equipment to radio control, while all the functions of the crane and the emergency protection system are preserved and continue to work without interruptions.


The crane on the control panel from "Gutman"

We offer long life crane remote controls. Our lifting equipment, combined with optional accessories, is a cost-effective solution for any business.

You can buy crane control panels by contacting the sales department of our company by phone, which is indicated on the website. Our products have no analogues in terms of quality in the modern lifting equipment market.

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