The control of a crane electric drive may differ depending on the purpose, control method and control conditions. A modern electric drive control system most often operates using an alternating current network. This is due to improvements in variable frequency electric drive systems.


Electric drive control devices

Thyristor electric drive (crane panel)Frequency drives and programmable logic controllersDC Drives for Cranes (DC / DC)

We are engaged in replacing outdated contactor-relay panels with control systems based on a thyristor electric drive and a frequency converter. An asynchronous frequency converter is designed to change the frequency of an electric current. Frequency drives are controlled by thyristor converters and microprocessor-based automatic control devices.

Our specialists perform the following main types of work:


  • production and design of electric drive control systems;
  • installation and modernization of crane, conveyor, machine tools and other types of mechanisms.

In our work we use frequency converters from world manufacturers (Moeller (Eaton), Schneider Electric, Roxroth, Vacon, Siemens, Danffos, Control Techniques, SWF, Lenze, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Optima, DAB, Honeywell, Winner, Omron, Hitachi, LS (manufacturer LG), etc.).