Frequency crane control systems based on an asynchronous electric motor with a squirrel-cage rotor (variable frequency drive)

Gutman technical specialists prepare projects using a wide range of different brands and models of frequency converters (variable frequency drives). We are engaged in the production of automatic control systems (ACS), taking into account the individual wishes of the customer. For this, equipment and a frequency drive manufactured by Roxroth, Siemens, Control Techniques, Vacon, SWF, Danffos, Lenze, ABB, Honeywell, Optima, Moeller (Eaton), Hyundai, SEW, DAB, Winner, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Schneider Electric, Omron are used. , LS (manufacturer LG). and other global manufacturers.

Functional features of the operator panel and programmable logic controller on crane equipment

PLC - Programmable Logic Controller

PLC software allows you to implement the following basic features:

  • an automated control system for crane mechanisms by commands (frequency asynchronous electric drive), which are received using the controls from the operator's console of crane equipment;
  • limited execution of commands given by the operator (relevant for situations where such commands can lead to equipment failure or damage, as well as in case of a conflict of commands with safety rules);
  • control of the good condition of all system parts (control modules and motors, as well as circuit breakers);
  • interaction with operator panels (visualization subsystem), which allows you to change and display the characteristics and parameters of the crane hoist;
  • flexible parameterization of the main characteristics of crane mechanisms (acceleration / deceleration time, speed, etc.).

The standardized programming language for executing software is LAD. For fragments of mathematical logic and indirect addressing for working with data archives, the STL language can be used. For this, it is necessary that each block be accompanied by comments in English or Russian. All used variables have the names recommended by the Hungarian notation. They include a short description as well as a reference designation on the wiring diagram associated with the device.

HMI - Operator Panel
In real time on the operator panel, located in the crane operator's cab, the directions of movement of mechanisms and speed are displayed. Due to the engineering menu of the operator panel, the following features are provided:

  • setting the value of the acceleration / deceleration time, as well as the speed for the position of each controller separately;
  • viewing the history of alarms and current alarms;
  • viewing the following current electrical parameters of the motor: temperature, current, voltage, frequency, etc .;
  • viewing the state of the mnemonic diagram of the zero circuit of the crane hoist;
    storage on a memory card in a cyclic archive of operational information and statistics of crane operation for 45 days (minimum period). The statistical information stored in the archive may include the following characteristics:
  • operating hours of each crane mechanism separately and the crane as a whole;
    the number of lifting cycles, differentiated by load;
    the number of times when the load limiter was triggered;
  • other characteristics as required by the technical task.

Order frequency regulation of electric drives in our company. The control of frequency electric drives of our production ensures uninterrupted operation of the equipment.