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Installation and dismantling of the crane in Gutman Ukraine

These days, the work of construction companies cannot be done without the use of special lifting equipment. Competent installation of cranes and crane runways is becoming an increasingly important issue for entrepreneurs.

The preparatory stage before the start of installation work includes delivery, preparation of the installation site and installation of crane tracks. The preparatory stage is followed by the installation of the crane at the facility. The quality and duration of operation of the crane depends on how accurately all the norms of the technological process were observed.

The installation method of crane equipment depends on the model of a particular crane, as well as on the conditions in which the construction area is located. The easiest way is to assemble the crane without disassembling into parts (this method requires the least labor). However, the most common way is to mount the crane with a stationary mast, as there are no special site requirements.

Further, we give an explanation in more detail about the features of complex technical work related to crane equipment.

Crane installation

The overhead crane has gained wide popularity, the installation of which is carried out using a tower rail or jib crane intended for the construction of building structures. Installation can also be carried out using masts if it is not possible to use another lifting mechanism. Bridge crane installation should be trusted exclusively by reliable companies, because this is a difficult job that requires special skills and qualifications.

Installing a gantry crane is much more time consuming than installing a standard overhead crane. Installation work and assembly of the gantry crane can take from 10 days to 3 months. The installation method will depend on the structure of the crane itself, as well as the size of the installation site.

The remote control panel for electrical circuits allows you to avoid emergencies during installation work.

Installation of a beam crane is carried out using a self-propelled assembly crane, an assembly mast or a metal-frame building structure.

Dismantling of cranes

Dismantling of an overhead crane, as well as dismantling of gantry cranes, is carried out using special mechanisms. Dismantling a gantry crane (like any other) takes place after a preliminary check of the brake system, as well as the cargo and boom winch. If you make a mistake in adjusting the brakes, then the winch may fall, since the maximum load on it falls precisely when the tower and boom are lowered during the dismantling process.

When carrying out dismantling work, it is necessary to follow a strict sequence and pay attention to details, therefore, dismantling a gantry (or bridge) crane can only be carried out with the help of professionals.