DC / DC drive for hoisting and traveling mechanisms of cranes and machinery

The company "Gutman" provides an opportunity to buy a DC electric drive, manufactured using modern technologies and designed for contactless type of control of DC motors. This part will improve the outdated contactor panels.

The main purpose of the electric drive of the crane is to regulate the speed of lifting mechanisms and movement in a certain range.

The main difference between the aforementioned drive and such analogs as DC Master, Siemens Simoreg, etc. is that there is no need to switch the input voltage to a three-phase network (AC / DC), since its value remains constant.

If you are interested in control systems for direct current (DC / DC) drives, which are analogous to frequency converters for single-phase and three-phase networks, contact us at the number indicated on the website. We will provide all the necessary information and help you choose a DC motor drive, as well as elements designed to improve its efficiency.