Manufacturing of metal structures for columns.


Column metal structures are supporting elements in the structural scheme of an object under construction and are usually made of wide-flange I-beams or various rolled profiles. There are also types of column metal structures that are made from pipes of various diameters or from metal corners. Typically, these column metal structures are used for light loads.

Column metal structures differ in the type of cross-section:

Rectangular. The profile of this type of metal structures of the columns is made in the form of a geometric contour - a quadrangle. The most common version of this type of section is a square.
Round. These metal column structures have a circular cross-section. Most often, they are made from steel pipes.
I-beams. The section of these metal structures of the columns is also called I-beams, since in shape it is similar to the letter "H". The metal structures of columns with an I-profile can be of the same length and cross-section width, or differ from each other.

And also, the metal structures of the columns differ in technologies and production methods:

  • The welded steel structures of the columns are manufactured using automatic welding.
  • The starting material in production is metal sheets, which are first pulled and rolled into the desired shape (usually in the form of an I-beam or rectangular profile). To carry out this operation, a special welding machine is required.

Rolled metal structures of columns (round section) are manufactured using seamless hot rolling techniques from metal blanks. First, the metal blanks are heated, then they are stitched. For the manufacture of rolled metal structures of the columns, a special mill is used, on which the blanks are rolled.


Column metal structures are produced with constant and variable cross-sections.

There are also steel structures of columns with a stepped section. In construction, the types and types of metal structures of the columns can be combined to give the structural forms sophistication and exclusivity. And only one type of metal structures of columns can be used, depending on the terms of the project specification and personal wishes of the client. Note that the process of designing steel structures for columns is considered from the standpoint of reducing metal consumption. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to change the sections, which leads to a decrease in the consumption of metal required for the manufacture of metal structures of the columns.

In modern architecture, the production and manufacture of metal structures of columns allows achieving the desired visual effect, while the mass of these structures is not so high, which does not prevent them from serving as an attachment to the foundation and at the same time performing additional functions in the distribution of loads and other force effects. It has been noticed that metal structures of columns with variable cross-section are most often in demand. In general, the structure of the column's metal structure includes other elements - a head, a base and sometimes a console, which are best viewed in detail.

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