Order a slewing crane repair in Gutman Ukraine

Slewing cranes are cargo lifting equipment that is highly functional due to the ability to rotate around the support. However, it is the moving parts of the lifting equipment that are most susceptible to various malfunctions, since they are subject to constant loads. Based on this, the repair of slewing cranes is a rather demanded service.

The relatively frequent need for repair work when using slewing cranes is a kind of payment for the high functionality of this technique.

Repair of a slewing crane can include operations to replace structural elements, as well as repair of electrical equipment, etc.

Manufacturing plants and construction sites that use slewing cranes should pay special attention to the manufacturer of the purchased lifting equipment. The quality of maintenance and subsequent repairs is no less important than the quality of the lifting device itself.


Please note that quality savings can result in major equipment breakdowns and unforeseen costs in the future. For detailed advice on the choice of a crane, installation and repair work, you can contact the specialists of the Gutman company by phone, which is indicated on the website.

Order slewing crane repairs from trusted suppliers.