Track current leads

Cable-carrying chains (track conductors) are distinguished by their advantage in application and use in the transmission of electricity, control signals, and data.

Conduit chains can be horizontal, vertical or circular, allowing the transmission of energy and data at high speeds. We offer the following types of track current leads:

Plastic mono-link cable support chain. Low noise design for use in places with special requirements for noise and vibration. Special plastic materials for use at low and high temperatures or for use in explosion-proof design.

Double link cable support chain with aluminum frame for optimal solutions to meet customer requirements. High torsional rigidity. Use of anti-friction pads for high speed operation.

The cable chains are made of wear-resistant material suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. Suitable for long distances without support.


Trolleys (busbars)

The method of connecting it to the power supply is of great importance for the safe use of lifting equipment. Trolls (bus duct) - a collection of conductive wires and supporting structures. Its main purpose is the transmission of electrical energy to mobile mechanisms moving along the trolley. Trolleys are used in factories to provide power to the moving mechanism.

We supply a wide range of trolleys for all kinds of customer requirements.