Overhead bridge crane is a highly efficient mechanical device designed for automation and mechanization of transport, lifting, unloading and loading operations in warehouses.

Overhead support cranes are considered to be cranes that are supported by traveling wheels on a rail (or crane track). The rail is mounted on a crane girder, which is installed on overpasses or columns in the workshop.


The crane runways are attached to the crane girders resting on the projections of the columns in the workshop. The span of the crane is the distance between the axles of the rails under the crane. The use of crane rails helps to reduce the use of any heavy manual work and, also, makes it possible to well increase labor productivity.

The automation of lifting mechanisms makes it possible to include it in a production line, and its universal use makes it one of the main elements in flexible automated production. Also, overhead traveling cranes can be equipped with:


  • two-speed lifting or movement mechanism;
  • radio control;
  • device for soft start;
  • additional brakes for movement.

Electric overhead traveling cranes move at a speed of 0.32 to 0.8 m / s.

We also supply bridge cranes with lower headroom. In addition, we deliver overhead cranes for work not only indoors, but also outdoors, even in tropical climates.


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