Painting of cranes in Gutman Ukraine - crane manufacturer.

Crane painting is a process that must be carried out at least once a year to protect the crane runways from corrosion. High-quality painting of cranes in the city of Kiev is carried out by specialists of the Gutman company.


Before applying paintwork to the primed surface, it is necessary to first clean it from rust, scale, grease stains and dirt. In addition, the surface should not be wet.

In addition to the protective function, painting the crane allows you to give a pleasant appearance to this technique and draw attention to dangerous components and structural details. Such elements are highlighted with a special color or zebra-type lines (the side surface of the counterweight and the spacer are highlighted for better visibility from the driver's cab).


Painting gantry cranes

A gantry crane (gantry crane) can be painted using one of the following methods:


  • complete cleaning of surfaces to be painted using abrasive equipment;
  • degreasing the area intended for painting;
  • covering the corresponding area of ​​the equipment with a rust converter;
  • applying enamel;
  • priming (after preliminary drying of the primer).


Overhead crane painting

Painting of overhead cranes is carried out in one of the following ways:

  • mechanical (air or airless spraying using compressors and additional equipment);
  • manual (workers paint with brushes and rollers).
    Painting of crane beams, as well as painting of cranes, can be carried out not only with the help of scaffolding, but also thanks to the technologies of industrial mountaineering.


Painting of cranes: price

The price will depend on the type and dimensions of the crane, as well as on the requirements put forward by the Client. You can get detailed information about the cost of work and the capabilities of our company by calling the phone number indicated on the website.