Reconstruction and modernization of cranes from Gutman Ukraine

The equipment installed at the enterprise, over time, ceases to fully cope with the tasks. However, replacing worn-out equipment may not always be an economically viable solution. In most cases, the problem will be eliminated by the reconstruction and modernization of cranes. These operations will extend the life of the equipment, reduce energy costs and increase the lifting capacity of the crane.


Modernization of cranes

The modernization of the electrical equipment of the cranes is carried out in accordance with the project, which is being drawn up by specialized organizations. Modernization of bridge cranes and modernization of gantry cranes may be necessary in such cases:


  • the need to increase the carrying capacity and lifting height, as well as the need for other types of modernization, with the help of which it will be possible to redistribute the loads and improve the safety system;
  • the need to change the crane drive mechanism. Modernization of a gantry crane, as a rule, involves replacing the relay-contactor control system with frequency converters, which ensure smooth descent and reduce noise during operation, as well as prevent the load from swinging during the lifting process.


Reconstruction of cranes

Repair and reconstruction of cranes involves a set of works to change the main parameters of the crane. For example, the reconstruction of lifting cranes may be accompanied by the installation of a lifting device not provided by the manufacturer of the lifting equipment.

Reconstruction of overhead cranes may include such works: changes in the control method (for example, installation of a remote control system), addition of the function of technological or commercial weighing on the crane, etc.

Please note that in the process of drawing up a project, it is necessary to take into account the actual state of the equipment: corrosion of metal parts, damage, degree of wear, etc.

Modernization of cranes, in which control of the crane from the cab is transferred to control from the floor, must be coordinated with the technical supervision authorities, and workers' access to such a crane must be carried out in a strictly established manner. At the same time, heavy duty hook cranes do not need a conversion permit to work with a grab or magnetic disc. The owner can carry out this type of reconstruction on his own, reflecting it in the technical passport of the crane.

Our specialists perform all the necessary calculations and carry out high-quality modernization of cranes at enterprises for bridge, gantry and other types of crane equipment. We will help you find the most suitable option for your business.