Ring collectors

Slip rings allow you to choose a variety of solutions for the transmission of electricity and signals in all types of rotating machinery, for example, in slewing cranes, rotating separators in water treatment plants, on attractions, manipulators, in forming and packaging machines, radars and antennas, wind power plants, as well as in cable drums.

Our standard program enables the supply of slip rings for power and data transmission with any number of poles. Rated currents up to 1200 A and rated voltages up to 24 kW. The diameters of the slip rings are from 30 mm to 360 mm; can have up to 100 poles.

Slip rings can be supplied as open type (in the future, the customer himself adapts the slip ring to his equipment), and completely closed in a shockproof plastic case or in a galvanized steel case, with degrees of protection IP54 and IP65. Additional rotating couplings are used to transfer liquids, gases, and fiber optic connection can also be installed.