Single-girder suspended overhead crane: are very efficient and convenient mechanical means for loading and unloading goods in warehouses, in industry, in agriculture or for transport work.


Suspended bridge crane: application
Single-girder suspended cranes are popular in various fields of activity. An electric suspended crane is used for light and medium operating modes, which do not require high speeds to move and lift various loads.

With the help of undercarriage trolleys, the overhead bridge crane moves along the overhead rail track. With the use of an overhead crane, the required height of the room can be reduced, since the height of the overhead crane is much less than the height of the overhead support crane.

The use of an overhead crane makes it possible to move goods from span to span without overloading. This action takes place by joining the load-bearing beams of two cranes from adjacent building spans, or by joining the load-bearing crane beam with the path of the adjacent span.

The overhead suspension crane is installed with such standard spans as 15, 12, 9, 6, 4 and 3 meters. The length of the console is regulated from 0.3 to 1.5 meters.


Single-girder suspended overhead crane: design features

Single-girder electric suspended crane can be equipped with the following mechanisms:


  • additional crane brake;
  • smooth descent mechanism;
  • additional brake;
  • mechanisms for lifting and moving loads.

Also, Trading House Gutman-Ukraine supplies cranes that can be operated in a tropical climate, outdoors.


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